Ann N. Sgarlata

O. Abusitta

Sally Farhat

Solo Show: "New Paintings"
SPIN, Brooklyn, NY


In her pursuit of a dynamic aesthetic, Ms. Nassar relies on the gesture rather than the construct. Her paintings are compilations of strokes, splashes and scratches applied with swift directness. Her colors are as direct as her strokes and as urgent as her splashes and so is her choice of material that ranges from off-the-shelf oil paints to raw pigment and earth. Ms. Nassar's style is remarkable for its ability to render at once vigorous tension and quaint calm, both values that underlie her drive.

Like her painting style, her work appears in spurts, usually after a hiatus and invariably in response to events in her world and ours. These events could be as personal as a reflection on a summer afternoon on Long Island, and as expansive as cosmic balance. Having grown up in war-torn Beirut and now an avid New Yorker and former resident of Tribeca, her insight into the beauty and tragedy of both cities is most eloquent.

The works in this show were completed in 2001 and 2002.

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