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Spontaneous and impulsive eye grabbing photographs that will spark your emotional response.

a woman on her phone with a dark typographic background captured by denise nassar

a passion

I consider photography as my way of expressing myself freely in this dark world. I aim to speak volumes through my lens whenever i have the chance.



I am drawn to spontaneous compositions which start with a certain emotional response to diverse subjects ranging from people in the street to nature and architecture.


an Instinct

My photographs are instinctive, basically never staged and freely come through as thought-provoking. Every picture has its story to tell.

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hi I'm denise

a self-taught painter and photographer

I focused on photography since the early 90’s, held 2 solo shows in both media, participated in various silent auctions and been featured in international publications!


my amazing works

In a world of unrest and confusion, photography is for now, my preferred language. It allows me moments of peace, revelation and communication. Here are some of my collections.



I am proud to share with you some of the publications concerning my photographs and paintings.

In her pursuit of a dynamic aesthetic, Ms. Nassar relies on the gesture rather than the construct. Her paintings are compilations of strokes, splashes and scratches applied with swift directness. Her colors are as direct as her strokes and as urgent as her splashes and so is her choice of material that ranges from off-the-shelf oil paints to raw pigment and earth. Ms. Nassar's style is remarkable for its ability to render at once vigorous tension and quaint calm, both values that underlie her drive. Like her painting style, her work appears in spurts, usually after a hiatus and invariably in response to events in her world and ours. These events could be as personal as a reflection on a summer afternoon on Long Island, and as expansive as cosmic balance. Having grown up in war-torn Beirut and now an avid New Yorker and former resident of Tribeca, her insight into the beauty and tragedy of both cities is most eloquent. The works in this show were completed in 2001 and 2002.
O. Abusitta
"And I, infinitesimal being, drunk with the great starry void, likeness, image of mystery, felt myself a pure part of the abyss, I wheeled with the stars, my heart broke loose on the wind." Neruda With the complex kaleidoscope of form and color, one can identify the dynamic aesthetic found in Ms. Nassar's paintings. They come by chance, light and movement, contrast and harmony, stroke by stroke, layer by layer. These works are celebratory experiences contrasting dual states of mind: struggle with freedom, sorrow with joy, and turmoil with hope. Some speak and bear witness, while others contemplate celestial images in motion. One is immediately taken with Ms. Nassar's ability to invite the viewer to contemplate the lightness of mark and movement, and at the same time, draw from their emotional complexity. These are illuminated works of art, unlocking the secrets of existence with richness and clarity.
Ann N. Sgarlata

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Some purchase information:

  • All photographs are available in any size, in a total edition of (6) including (2) artist’s proofs, and will be printed individually using only archival material.

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